ABB System Pro M Compact offers DIN rail components for distribution application. System Pro M Compact® is an innovative, professional and
multi-functional platform, which provides all installation solutions you need. The system offers a wide range of DIN rail products, suitable for all applications

- SH 200 MCB and FH200 RCCB are mainly for application in residential, with compliance to IEC60898-1 & IEC61008 respective;ly
- S 200 MCB and F 200 are for industrial application, in compliance with IEC60898-1/IEC60947-2 & IEC61008 respectively.


Surge Protection Device (SPD)

ABB OVR surge protection system offers Type 1 & Type 2 protection according to IEC61643-11.

- protection technologies with Spark Gap and Varistor 
- suitable for TT, TN-S systems
- full mode protection - common mode + differential mode
- plugable modules design enables speedy & economical replacement