Stroke Counter

A lightning Stroke Counter is used to record the no. of strikes that partiular lightning conductor has been subjected to. It is usually connected in series with the down conductor system.

CCF 2005

Lightning stroke counter with mechanical counter with a flat conductor connection

- Minimum trip threshold : 0.15kA (4/10μs)
- Maximum permissible current: 150 kA (4/10μs)
- Degree of Protection: IP 67
- Service temperature: -20°C to + 60°C

CCF 2006

Lightning stroke counter with LCD display fit directly on round or flat conductor

- Minimum trip threshold : 0.4 kA (4/10μs)
- Maximum permissible current: 100 kA (4/10μs)

- Mounting on flat tapes (30x2mm) or round conductors (Ø6 to 10mm) without cutting the down conductor
- Degree of Protection: IP 65
- Service temperature: -20°C to + 60°C