Outdoor temperature sensor - STO series

STO series are sensors intended for outdoor application. 

Frost thermostat - STT series

The frost protection thermostat STT is used for air, or water-side temperature monitoring of heat exchangers, hot water circulation systems, water / air heaters, in ventilation and air conditioning systems and for the prevention of frost damage. 

Humiidity tramsmitter

The SHR100 is an active sensor, which measures relative humidity (%RH) and converts the measurement into two selectable output signals: voltage 0-10 VDC or an electric current 4-20 mA DC. 

Pressure Transmitter

SPD differential pressure transmitters are intended for use in air handling systems for the monitoring of air ducts, filters and fans. They are electronic differential pressure transmitters that convert the differential pressure measured into an electric 0-10 VDC signal 

Air quality tramsmitter

The SCD & SCR are air quality transmitters 

Smoke detecter

These smoke detectors offer both optical and ionisation types. Fan assisted versions also available along with a range of options such as covers,various lengths of venturi pipes, and control units. 

Light transmitter

The electronic light transmitter converts a lux measurement into an electric current (4 to 20mADC) or voltage (0 to 10VDC) signal 

Condensation tramsmitter

These devices are suitable for fixing to chilled pipework to sense and therefore take control action against the formation of condensatioin 

Sensors general catalog

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