Inverters/ Drives - Altivar series

Inverters or Variable Speed Drives (VSD) starts or stops a motor with the following characteristics:

- direct energy saving
- easy to install
- variable speed control
- integrated protection unit with simple logic/analog control
- reduced starting current and mechanical stress on the equipment
- integrated Modbus communication facility
- extended equipment life and reduced maintenance cost

Ranges of products
- ATV12 - 0.18kW-4kW
- ATV212 - 0.75kW-75kW
- ATV312 - 0.18kW-15kW
- ATV32 - 0.18kW-15kW
- ATV61 - 0.37kW-800kW
- ATV32 - 0.18kW-15kW
- ATV71 - 0.37kW-630kW

Inverters/ Drives - Altivar 303 series

Altivar 303 series offers cost effective and optimum performance for simple industrial machines.

- ranges 0.37kW - 11kW
- ideal for pump & fan application 

Zelio Electro-mechanical Relays

Zelio offers electro-mechanical relays with complete product range in plug-in application which offer maximum flexibility. 

- socket or DIN rail mounting 
- selection of up to 4 nos. contacts 
- contact status mechanical indicator and “Relay On” LED indicator
- lockable “Test” button for testing relay operation
- electrically separated inputs and outputs
- wide supply voltage range and high breaking current
(up to 125 A)