TeSys K, D, F, B, U, CV, GV Series

Schneider TeSys series offer a wide selection of contactors, TOR & motor starters for motor starting/protection purposes.

- TeSys K contactors & TOR - 0.37kW-5.5kW
- TeSys D contactors & TOR - 0.37kW-75kW
- TeSys F contactors - 90kW-400kW, TOR up to 375kW
- TeSys B contoctors - 400kW-900kW
- TeSys GV series thermal magnetic CB - GV2: 0.06kW-15kW, GV3: 5.5kW-30kW, GV7: 0.75kW-90kW

Easypact TVS Series (TeSys E)

Schneider Easypact TVS series (formerly known as TeSys E) offer competitive solution on contactors and TOR for motor starting/protection purposes. It is the perfect compromise between quality, features and price.

- contactors and TOR ranges 0.06kW-160kW (6A-300A)
- 7 frame size