DIN-rail metering devices - iEM3000 & PM3200

iEM3000 series:

- DIN-rail energy meters, Acti-9 design and installation
- direct connection (up to 63A) & CT operated (5A/1A)
- self powered, no external power supply is required
- accuracy measurements - 0.5 to IEC62053-22
- multi tariff (4 tariffs), 4 quadrant measurement
- backlit LCD display for easy viewing
- on-board overload alarms
- digital input / digital output
- RS485 communication facilities
- MID-compliant - ideal for billing application
- dual password protection

PM3200 series

- DIN-rail power meters, Acti-9 design and installation
- measurement of basic to advance electrical parameters
- CT operated (5A/1A)
- auxiliary powered
- multi tariff (4 tariffs)
- bscklit LCD display for easy viewing
- on-board overload alarms
- digital input / digital output
- kW demand logging
- RS485 communication facilities

PM800 series

Mid range metering device:

PM800 series offers 4 models - PM810, PM820, PM850 & PM870

- high-visibility LCD display offers multi-phase measurements, summary screens, bar charts, intuitive navigation and selectable languages
- high accuracy measurements - IEC 62053-22 class 0.5S energy accuracy for sub-billing and cost allocation
- power quality analysis - of THD, individual current & voltage harmonics readings. PM850 & PM870 offer waveform capture, PM870 offers EN50160 power quality compliance evaluation, and voltage and current disturbance (sag/swell) detection
- extensive data logging, trending and forecasting - non-volatile on-board logging of min/max values, energy and demand, maintenance data, alarms, and any measured parameters. PM850 & PM870 offer trending and short-term forecasting of energy and demand
- Custom alarming with time stamping alarms
- Expandable I/O - provide interfacing other WAGES utilities (pulse inputs from water, air, gas, electricity or steam meters)
- Two simultaneous RS-485 serial Modbus communication ports - offer e-mail on alarm, web server and an Ethernet-to-serial RS485 gateway.